Cody Currie

Experience:3 Years


Cody Currie

FIT (formerly Hyper-Fit) Coach, Strongman Coach, CrossFit Coach


Favorite Movement:  Clean & Jerk and Snatch
Least Favorite Movement:  Running and Burpees

Cody started CrossFit 3 years ago looking for something other than your typical gym experience. He was interested in trying to get out of the boring lull of the everyday gym and do something that presented a new challenge every day. Cody immediately fell in love with the Olympic Lifting and different variations of Strongman movements because of the technicality they present. Once he discovered this passion, he dove in head first and began to fine tune and perfect his technique day after day at the box. Cody is a beast with a barbell and his lifting technique is on point. He is an excellent resource for our athletes and is always programming something fun and spicy for our Strongman classes which are definitely a box favorite.

Cody says that he “enjoys the challenges that coaching presents along with the reward of helping athletes advance and get stronger everyday”.