Nicole Bobinger

Experience:4 Years


Nicole Bobinger

CrossFit Coach, FIT (formerly Hyper-Fit) Coach


Favorite Movement:  Power/Squat Cleans
Least Favorite Movement:  Burpees

Nicole started CrossFit 4 years ago as a former athlete looking for something more challenging to replace a lifetime commitment to competitive sports. The community aspect and intensity of the workouts that CrossFit Celsius offers were instantly addicting to her. Nicole also met her husband, Alex Bobinger, at CrossFit Celsius over 3 years ago.

Nicole is experienced in managing and leading groups and understands the various fitness goals that
people have.  As one of the original FIT (formerly Hyper-Fit) coaches at Celsius, Nicole enjoys programming both physically and mentally challenging classes.  Her goal as a coach is to promote a positive and encouraging environment where she can push and motivate athletes to overcome self-doubt or perceived limitations.  She has found that FIT’s scalable intensity makes it the perfect program for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Nicole feels that “coaching is both challenging and rewarding and I love that I have even the
smallest chance to help make a difference in someone’s life.”