Sylvia Brown

Experience:3 years

Sylvia Brown

Celsius Kids Coach, Fundamentals Co-Coach, CrossFit Coach


Favorite Movement: Power Cleans
Least Favorite Movement: Rowing

Sylvia started CrossFit in February of 2016 looking for a change and someplace she could belong and call home.  She is always challenging herself both inside and outside of the gym, as she is the first person to volunteer to be your partner in a WOD or upcoming competition!  Sylvia enjoys competing in all types of races/marathons like: the Spartan, Tough Mudder, Terrain Race, Rugged Maniac and Maine Marathon.  Her love for fun and fitness shows through her daily routine at the gym, but especially when she’s coaching Celsius Kids!

“I am determined to give it my all, to set an example for my children. For them to see me put in work to never give up & chase dreams I once thought were impossible. My life changed when I began crossfit, What was once a dark life filled with many emotions of a failed marriage, robbing Peter to pay Paul, CROSSFIT gave me an outlet. It gave me a place where I could let out my frustrations. Many times it became my Safe Place. The people became my family. The box became my 2nd home. I may never understand why I found the box I did, but I know one things for sure it’s exactly where I am meant to be.”